…For people who love the Earth!

Who are we?

One Earth Body Care was created by Anne Altor and Ed LaPlante. Anne is an ecologist with degrees in biology and environmental science, and Ed is a tradesman with degrees in business and computer science. One Earth Body Care is our effort to make a positive contribution to the world through sustainable business practices.

Why One Earth Body Care?

Our delicious-smelling deodorants, soaps and herbal salves help people feel grounded in Nature. They provide an uplifting start and end to the day, and they keep plastic out of the bathroom and landfill.

We believe that great soap can be made without primary food products like olive oil, and that body care products should NOT include conflict ingredients based in human rights abuses and deforestation, especially palm oil. We create fabulous soaps from tallow, which keeps this byproduct out of the waste stream, and from fair-trade coconut oil and oils extracted from fruit pits.

Our Customers…

Love the Earth and want to help create a sustainable world
Want to take charge of their own health
Want to feel and smell great naturally
Want long-lasting body care products with minimal packaging