How to use Natural Shampoo and Beard Bars!

Natural shampoo bars!
  Now that you know they’re great for your hair and beard, here’s what you need to know about how to use them!

Give your hair time to adjust.
 Commercial shampoos leave coatings (usually silicones) on the hair that build up over time. Natural shampoo bars don’t contain harsh cleansers such as sodium laurel sulfate, which strip oils and some of the coatings off of hair (usually before adding a new dose of silicone). It may take up to a couple weeks for synthetic coatings to work their way out of your hair. Also, our scalps can produce excess sebum in response to the natural oils being stripped away by commercial shampoos. Sebum production will gradually return to normal as you use a gentle shampoo bar.

If you have hard water,
soap molecules can bind to the minerals (calcium and magnesium) in the water. Those soap molecules are then unavailable for cleansing, and they can be deposited on the hair. The solution for this is an apple cider vinegar rinse! In fact, a vinegar rinse should always be used after shampooing with a natural shampoo bar. The vinegar rinse:

Removes soap deposits
Brings the hair pH back down, which causes the cuticles to lye flat and smooth and prevents static.

How to make a vinegar rinse:

You can use raw apple-cider vinegar (ACV), which contains nutrients and beneficial bacteria, or you can use pasteurized apple cider vinegar. The standard recipe for an ACV rinse is:

Combine 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water!

If you have drier hair, you can try slightly less vinegar. And if you have oilier hair, you can experiment with using more. After shampooing, distribute the ACV solution through your hair. You can leave it on or rinse it out. If you leave it on, the vinegar aroma will go away as the hair dries. You can also apply the rinse with a spray bottle, which uses less of the solution.

You might not need conditioner anymore.
Natural shampoo bars contain conditioning oils that leave hair soft. Many people who use them get rid of their conditioner bottles too!

Summary: How to use your natural shampoo and beard bar:

Wet hair thoroughly.
Gently rub the bar on your hair from scalp to ends.
Massage your scalp to work up a thick, luxurious lather.
Rinse thoroughly, and repeat if you like.
Apply the apple cider vinegar rinse. Leave it in or rinse out, as you prefer.
Enjoy your soft, healthy shiny hair!

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Do you have any tips to share about using natural shampoo bars? Please leave tips and questions below!

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