Amor del Sur Essential Oil Perfume


Warm, sweet and earthy, Amor del Sur is a sensuous delight!



Sweet and wild!

I created Amor del Sur in honor of my sister-in-law Claudia, from Chile. She wears a lovely musky perfume that infuses their home with a subtle, comforting, earthy aroma, which I attempted to recreate with this essential oil perfume. The scent evokes a warm, tropical evening, waves of moonlight and water, and the deep echo of enchanting flowers. Let this aroma inspire you to take care of yourself and those you love, and to expand your sensory awareness.

 Amor del Sur essential oil perfume contains:

Organic jojoba oil; patchouli, cedarwood, benzoin, vetiver, tangerine 5x, lavender, geranium, Peru balsam, clove bud and ylang ylang essential oils. The perfume comes in two size options: a long-lasting 0.3 oz (8 g) clear glass roll-on bottle (~2 cm wide x 8 cm tall) or a 2-g amber glass roll-on bottle (1.5 cm wide x 3.5 cm tall).

How to use:

Roll the perfume on your wrists, under your nose, inside the elbows, on your neck, wherever you want the aroma to permeate! Another great way to use it is on your hair: after you wash your hair, rub some perfume on your fingertips and distribute it onto the ends of your hair for an aromatic conditioner that will smell great for hours!

Important information:

Keep essential oil perfumes away from children. Discontinue use if you have any negative reaction to the oils.

About essential oil blends:

Essential oils evaporate/dissipate at different rates, so the aroma of the perfume evolves over time. Individual oils won’t necessarily jump out at you, because they’re blended to create a new, more complex aroma from their combined essences. In general, oils that dissipate the most quickly (within a couple of hours or less) are called “top notes.” “Base notes” are heaviest and stay around the longest, anchoring the perfume. “Middle notes” linger longer than top notes and help to integrate the perfume. This way of thinking about essential oils is used in crafting blends of oils, but in reality each oil contains many different constituents, some of which evaporate quickly and others that unfold slowly.

Essential oils in Amor del Sur:

To make Amor del Sur perfume, we blend floral oils (ylang ylang, lavender and geranium) into smoky, vanilla-like resin-based oils (benzoin and Peru balsam). Spicy clove bud and grounding cedarwood, patchouli and vetiver are added to provide depth and radiate earthy beauty. Tangerine creates a sweet, warm current that flows through the oil. BASE NOTES:Patchouli essential oil is steam-distilled from leaves of the tropical herbaceous perennial Pogostemon cablin. Our patchouli comes from Indonesia. Patchouli blends beautifully with other oils and doesn’t dominate in Amor del Sur. If you’re a big patchouli fan, consider Patchouli Love, in which it’s more dominant. If you’re not a patchouli fan, worry not! Patchouli is one of the most versatile essential oils; many people who have negative associations with patchouli find they love it in essential oil blends. Our cedarwood oil (Juniperus mexicana) is steam-distilled from cedar chips and sawdust. Trees are not cut down to produce the oil. Benzoin is obtained from sap of the tree Styrax benzoin grown in India. The aromatic resin is removed from the sap using solvents, which are then evaporated. Benzoin has a warm, sweet vanilla-like aroma. Peru balsam (actually from El Salvador) is a delightful base note steam-distilled from the resin of Myroxylon pereirae, a tree native to tropical areas of the Americas. Peru balsam has a spicy, mildly smoky vanilla-like aroma. Vetiver essential oil is one of the earthiest base notes of all. It’s steam-distilled from the roots of the grass Vetiveria zizanoides, which originated in India but is grown in Haiti for essential oil, and sometimes for erosion control due to its deep root system. The powerful essential oil Ylang ylang is steam-distilled from flowers of the Cananga odorata tree, which grows on Madagascar, the Comoro Islands and Mayotte (northwest of Madagascar). We use ylang ylang III, which is the third fraction of the distillation. MIDDLE NOTES: Clove bud essential oil is steam-distilled from Indonesian cloves (Syzygium aromaticum) and smells like the familiar spice. Geranium essential oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and flowers of Pelargonium graveolens, a perennial shrub. Geranium has a full, slightly spicy rose-like aroma. We use Egyptian geranium. TOP NOTES:Our tangerine 5x, a top note, is a concentrated citrus oil that’s cold-pressed from the rinds of tangerines in Italy. The oil is then distilled to concentrate it and remove terpenes. Lavender essential oil is steam-distilled from Lavandula officinalis flowers grown in France. Lavender is one of the most loved essential oils for its calming, uplifting aroma.

Read an introduction to essential oils in this post.

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2 ml/g, 8 ml/g


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