Super Power Natural Deodorant


Powerful and refreshing natural deodorant with vodka and essential oils


Stay fresh all day!

With a natural deodorant that will not plug your pores or give you a dose of aluminum! This refreshing roll-on deodorant is made with a powerful blend of essential oils that work hard to minimize odor-causing bacteria. And it smells great too!

Super Power natural deodorant contains:

Vodka, Eucalyptus globulus, tea tree, petitgrain, cajuput, geranium, lavender, cinnamon leaf and clove bud essential oils; tocopherols.

How to use:

Shake the bottle to disperse the essential oils. Then lightly roll a small amount into armpits. Allow the mixture to dry for a moment before putting on a shirt. This powerful blend is long-acting, but it can be reapplied if needed. The deodorant is packaged in a glass bottle and contains 1.0 oz (28 g). One bottle should last about two months when used up to twice per day. The bottle is convenient to carry in a purse or bag and looks nice enough to leave out on the counter.

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