Our herbal balms help people keep doing what they love and need to do. Whether you’re climbing or gardening, working in the field or behind a desk, skin problems don’t need to distract you from work or play. Dry or scraped skin, itchy and irritated insect bites can be quickly eased with these powerful tins of goodness. The reusable tins easily ride along in a climbing pack, gym bag or purse, and they’re a nice companion to have at your desk.

We infuse our beeswax-based balms with organic and wild-crafted herbs including comfrey, plantain, jewelweed, calendula and St. Johnswort. These herbs have been used for centuries to help calm inflammation, heal skin damage, soothe itching, and prevent infection. Customers say our herbal balms provide great relief for dry, itchy skin and rashes.

Our creamy, nourishing lip balms are made with organic and Fair-Trade oils and essential oils.