We’re motivated by the desire to help make society more sustainable and to help people live more lightly on the Earth. What does this have to do with soap? A lot! Most commercial soaps, and many handmade soaps, are made with cheap oils that are extracted at a heavy cost to the planet. Palm oil is commonly used in soap and is the number-one cause of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, even palm oil labeled as sustainable.

What makes our soap different?

  • We use full-circle, regional and Fair-Trade materials. We render much of our own tallow and lard from local, pasture-raised steer and pigs. These fats make fabulous soaps, and using them keeps huge quantities of byproducts out of the landfill.
  • Most of our plant-based fats are extracted from fruit pits (apricot and mango pits) and seed hulls (rice bran). We believe this is more sustainable than using primary food oils such as olive oil.
  • All of our coconut oil and cocoa butter is certified Fair-Trade and organic, which supports socially and environmentally responsible production of these tropical oils.

We use plant-based colorants, exfoliants and essential oils (no fragrance oils) in the soaps. Many customers tell us our soaps last much longer than other soaps they’ve used!