Hope Jahren, in her book Lab Girl, gives the statistic that one tree is felled for each of us for every year we’re alive. Think about the many ways we use wood every day… books, newspapers & magazines, boxes, toilet paper, tissues, chopsticks, printer paper, egg and drink cartons, product tags, musical instruments, heat… And this meager, entry-level list doesn’t include all the wood in the boxes and pallets used to get those products to us. Even some of our clothes come from trees! Did you know that rayon, viscose and modal are derived from wood??

Trees are also lungs of our planet, taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Without trees and other plants, the atmosphere would contain no oxygen, and we and other life forms that require it would not be here. So for the love of life, and therefore trees, let’s do everything we can to help trees thrive and avoid cutting them down for trivial and needless products! This part of the blog will provide ideas about ways to save trees in everyday life. Feel free to chime in with your tips and ideas as well!