Gifts of the Trees

Gifts of the Trees

Take a moment today to appreciate a tree.

🌲 Choose a tree that has a presence in your daily life. Maybe one you’ve noticed but haven’t given much thought to.Touch the tree.
🌲 Be present with the tree and aware of the tree’s presence.
🌲 What gifts does this tree give to your every day life?
🌲 What would be different if this tree was not here? If this forest were gone?

Consider the many gifts trees give every day:

🌳 Providing shelter and shade
🌲 Exhaling the oxygen we need to breathe
🌴 Taking in carbon dioxide and transforming it to organic matter
🌴 Cleansing the air and soil of pollutants
🌳 Filtering rainwater and holding soil and slopes together
🌲 Protecting streambanks and shorelines
🌴 Providing food and homes for birds, squirrels, fungi, insects and many other creatures
🌳 Giving their lives for our homes, books, clothes, furniture…
🌲 Providing peace, wisdom and inspiration

Listen to this tree. What do you hear?

🌲 Leave your thinking brain for a few moments and just feel.
🌲 This tree is a being too, likely older than you, with a complex and interconnected life and awareness that we may not understand or perceive.

What can you do today and each day to protect these beings that do so much for life on Earth?

🌲 A good place to start is by noticing and appreciating the many places trees appear in our every day lives.

🌲 We can stand up for trees when they’re threatened by “development.” Consider finding your local land trust to learn about land-protection efforts in your area.

Notice and remember the gifts of the trees.


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  • Ed Posted January 28, 2019 9:28 pm

    Wow, this post is a great reminder of our friends the trees. Thank you Anne, for sharing!

    • annealtor Posted January 31, 2019 4:10 pm

      Thanks for your comment Ed! Here’s to the trees!

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