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Our Story

Hello! We are Anne Altor and Ed LaPlante of Earth Body Care. Thanks for coming to our About Us page!

One childhood summer in Pennsylvania, Anne's mom initiated a back-porch science project - making soap in a big steaming cauldron with lard from the local butcher and lye from the hardware store. After much stirring, we shaped the magical mixture into lumpy balls of soap dyed with food coloring. Although there were no fancy essential oils to scent it or special fats to make it luxurious, this transformation of raw materials into an everyday product was vividly etched into memory...

Anne discovered a passion for protecting and restoring ecosystems and habitats, and she followed this passion, eventually earning a doctorate in Environmental Science. An early interest in natural health had led her to essential oils, which she experimented with and blended to make personalized fragrances for friends and family. These earthy pursuits were a great complement to working in consulting and academia over the years.

Around 2012, Anne formulated a skin balm for rock climbers. A climber herself, she used her science background and natural curiosity to create a popular product that is currently stocked in Midwestern climbing gyms. Anne also re-engaged with the magic of soapmaking and soon realized its great potential for sustainability and systems ecology. She started blogging to share knowledge about body care and ecology, and the momentum began to grow...

By then, Ed LaPlante had stepped into the picture. Ed brings a strong background in entrepreneurship and business analysis, as well as an engineering mind to the partnership. One Earth Body Care LLC grew out of our desire to combine science, ecology, and natural health, and to help people understand the connections between self care and the health of the Earth.

One Earth Body Care exists to do good business by promoting natural health and improving the sustainability of body care. We carefully formulate our products to delight the senses, care for the skin, and respect the planet.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of One Earth Body Care is to nourish the body and the senses with all-natural body care products made with responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging. We are committed to being Good for People and Respectful of the Earth by using environmentally and socially responsible business practices, by providing natural body care products of the highest quality and effectiveness, by providing educational resources that empower personal stewardship of health and of the planet, and by supporting organizations that are working to care for and restore the planet.

Our vision is to bring Earth care into Body care and beyond, to catalyze positive change and stewardship of the self, community and planet.

Why One Earth Body Care?

Our delicious-smelling soaps and hair-care products help you feel grounded, empowered and inspired. They provide an uplifting start and end to your day, they cleanse and condition without drying out your skin and hair, and they help reduce the need for plastic packaging.

Our products feel and smell amazing and are a healthy part of a natural self care routine. Many customers have told us their chronic skin conditions, such as dry itchy patches and rashes, disappeared after they started using our products. Feel better, protect your health, and care for the planet with all-natural One Earth body care!

Your purchase helps support ecological conservation and habitat restoration. We donate at least 1% of our gross revenue to non-profits that are on the front lines of important conservation work. We’re proud members of 1% for the Planet, which provides third-party verification of this commitment. Read about our non-profit partners here.

Our Customers…

Love the Earth and want to help create a sustainable world
Want to take charge of their own health
Want to feel and smell great naturally
Want fabulous body care products with responsible packaging