Plastic-Free February! Will You take the Challenge?

Plastic-Free February! Will You take the Challenge?

Plastic-Free February! The time is Now!

Where does our waste go when it reaches its end of life, whether a snack wrapper, an old hair dryer, a storage bin, a string of lights? Where is away?

China isn’t recycling our waste anymore. But even if it were, recycled plastic too has an end of life. It ultimately breaks into tiny fragments that pollute water and soil and get consumed by ocean animals.

National Geographic asks us to choose:  Planet or Plastic? The evidence is compelling!

We’re aware of the problem, right? But what are we going to do about it?! began promoting Plastic-Free February in 2017. We love the idea and are spreading the word!

What is the Plastic-Free February challenge? It’s what you make it! Choose any or all of the commitments below:

???? 1. To not use single-use disposable plastic.

???? 2. To not buy consumables (e.g., soap, shampoo, food, candy, office supplies, toothpaste & other toiletries, cosmetics) packaged in plastic.

???? 3. To not buy anything packaged in plastic that can’t be recycled. Also consider that 90% of plastic never gets recycled, even stuff that goes in your recycling bin.

???? 4. To not buy consumables made of plastic (e.g., Q-tips, dental floss, toothbrushes).

Collect any plastic waste you create this month (recyclable and nonrecyclable) in a bag. The intent is not to feel bad, just to learn and provide inspiration for action.

Resources for help with quitting plastic:

My Plastic-Free Life

Nat Geo’s ideas to help families reduce plastic use

Learn more, and be inspired! Watch A Plastic Ocean…




Will you join the Plastic-Free February Challenge? What do you do in everyday life to reduce your use of plastic? Share your ideas and tips in the comments at the bottom of the page!


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