Poison Ivy-Fighting Soap

Poison Ivy-Fighting Soap

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A must-have for gardeners, hikers, and anyone who loves to be outside in regions with poison ivy.

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What it is: A natural poison-ivy fighting soap that helps prevent rashes and relieves the itch of an existing rash.

What it does: The clay contained in our poison-ivy fighting soap absorbs the urushiol (the PI toxin) and helps dry out the rash. Cornmeal relieves the itch, limonene helps bind the urushiol, and saponified organic fair-trade coconut oil and other oils wash away the toxin.

Highlighted Ingredients: Organic Fair-Trade coconut oil, organic olive oil, limonene, organic cornmeal, bentonite clay.

What Else You Need to Know: Limited Edition seasonal product.


Net wt. 2 oz / 56 g


Organic Fair-Trade coconut oil, organic olive oil, rice bran oil, water, sodium hydroxide, mango seed butter; bentonite clay, cornmeal, limonene, tangerine oil.


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