Spearmint-Lime Coffee Scrub


Invigorating exfoliation that helps protect rainforests!


Spearmint-Lime Coffee Scrub is a deluxe exfoliating bar made with certified Bird-Friendly coffee. The coffee grounds cut through grease and food aromas, so this is a great soap for people who get down and dirty, whether in the garage or the garden. Using this soap helps protect rainforest habitat (read more here). You’ll be refreshed by the bright, natural aromas of spearmint and lime essential oils. The coffee grounds are seriously exfoliating! If you like milder exfoliation, we suggest Patchouli-Fir soap which contains fine black walnut hulls for a gentle scrub.

Ingredients: *Organic coconut oil, organic extra-virgin olive oil, rice bran oil, water, sodium hydroxide, mango butter, spearmint oil, lime oil, sodium lactate, *certified Bird-Friendly organic coffee.

*Fair-Trade Certified™by Fair Trade USA

36% Fair-Trade Certified ingredients

Net wt. 4 oz / 113 g.

spearmint-lime beard & body bar spearmint-lime beard & body bar spearmint-lime beard & body bar

Additional information

Weight 5 oz


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