The ingredients used in body care products are critical to their quality, effectiveness and sustainability. We strive to produce best-in-class soaps and hair-care products while supporting industries and initiatives that are grounded in social and environmental responsibility.Our criteria for ingredients are:

1. The ingredient contributes to a high-quality product.

Product quality metrics for soap include cleansing, skin feel and conditioning, lather, hardness, aroma, and stability of the bar. Quality metrics for hair care products include lather, cleansing, ease of rinsing, conditioning, feel of wet hair, protection, detangling and combability, body, static reduction, shine, aroma. Ingredients must make an important contribution to one or more of these quality metrics.

2. The ingredient is not a known source of environmental or social conflict.

We avoid using known conflict ingredients in our products. Palm oil , tallow (animal fat) and their derivatives are used in most commercial soaps and hair care products. We do not use palm oil, tallow or their derivatives because of the massive deforestation and destruction of human and ecological communities that is taking place to produce these materials. We strive to stay current on scientific and ecological knowledge about the ingredients we use and will continue to refine our formulations according to sound science. [/vc_column_text]

3. The ingredient is organic or Fair-Trade certified if available.

We believe that organic and Fair Trade practices are important starting points in the quest to develop regenerative agriculture. Organic agriculture is much more planet friendly compared to conventional methods that use herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. Fair Trade has its critics but it attempts to provide a living wage and empowerment to people working in agricultural sectors, generally in poorer countries. Fair Trade certification also requires producers to implement sustainable environmental standards. We use Fair-Trade Certified ingredients whenever possible. Our coconut oil and cocoa butter are certified organic and Fair-Trade. Our olive oil and some of our essential oils are certified organic. Currently, our rice bran oil, mango butter, and some of our essential oils are not certified organic or Fair-Trade. [/vc_column_text]


Packaging must protect the product, but it should also protect the health of the planet. We take a life-cycle perspective on our products and believe both the product and package must come full circle, returning to the Earth after their useful life is over. Our criteria for packaging are:

1. The packaging protects the product.

The main roles of packaging are to protect the product and to provide information on ingredients, usage and the brand. However, much of the packaging used for consumer packaged goods is excessive and needlessly polluting. We look for materials that will protect our soap and hair care products from physical damage, provide enough surface to give customers needed information, and that call attention to our values of natural and sustainable.

2. The packaging is biodegradable.

We believe that packaging should biodegrade and return to the earth to support life rather than create pollution. So far, the packaging materials we’ve found that are suitable for our products are paper boxes and cellulose bags. The boxes and bags can be composted after the product is used.

3. The packaging is made from recycled material if possible.

Paper products made from virgin wood are a major cause of deforestation. We seek out paper with the highest available content of post-consumer waste(pcw) and products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Our soap, shampoo and conditioner boxes are made from unbleached, 100% post-consumer recycled kraft paper.

Do you have a question about our materials or packaging, or want to tell us about an innovative, sustainable packaging material you think we should know about?

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